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2021-11-06: News Headlines

WSWS (2021-11-06). In response to election debacle, New York Times demands Democrats shift further to the right. wsws.org The Democratic Party's debacle in the November 2 elections in Virginia and other US states is the product of its right-wing policies, including the relentless promotion of racial conflict.

_____ (2021-11-05). 'Foolishness': House Passes Infrastructure Bill But Postpones Build Back Better Act. commondreams.org This is a moment to be pressing President Biden and those around him to embrace a no first strike doctrine, for Congress to defund the land-based ICBMs and other nuclear first strike weapons, to initiate negotiation of an Asia-Pacific Freeze to halt the suicidal arms race.

_____ (2021-11-05). Indonesia Walks Back Deforestation Commitment Days After Signing Global Pledge. commondreams.org Across the nation, elected Republicans at every level of government display a callous disregard for the health and lives of the American people, sowing disinformation and resistance to public health efforts to contain and defeat the pandemic.

_____ (2021-11-05). Debunking The Media Lies Fueling War In Ethiopia. popularresistance.org November 4 is the one year anniversary of the TPLF attacks on the Ethiopian government's Northern Command base, kicking off a brutal war. The TPLF is now advancing towards Addis Ababa, prompting the government to declare a state of emergency. The U.S. government has continued to condemn Ethiopia for fighting back against the TPLF insurgency, leading many Ethiopians to believe that Washington is supporting a violent coup in their country. | Hermela Aregawi is an Ethiopian-American journalist of Tigrayan descent who has been relentlessly attacked and smeared for calling out biased media reporting on the conflict. S…

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2021-11-05). The Covid-19 Timeline. No Evidence of a "Pandemic" globalresearch.ca

The Global Research Team (2021-11-05). Protect Our Children Against the COVID Jab, Support the Constitutional Rights of Parents. globalresearch.ca Big Pharma with the support of national governments is waging a Worldwide crusade to enforce the inoculation of our children, despite ample evidence that the Covid-19 experimental "vaccine" is resulting in a wave of injuries and deaths. | Global Research has …

Betsey Piette (2021-11-05). Supply chain crisis: Driven by deregulation. workers.org Corporate media and the Biden administration have focused on major West Coast ports, specifically Los Angeles and Long Beach, Calif., as the pivot points in the global supply chain crisis impacting the U.S. But the problem is far more complex. It involves points of production, methods of global transport, points . . . |

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